Snow, Snow, Snow! and Boundless Energy…

Snow, Snow, Snow! and Boundless Energy…

We’re finally getting the snow we’ve been craving…all is white and trails are looking great! We’ve been getting several inches a day for the past few days and temps. are in the 20’s – really “warm” for this time of year. We started giving dogsled rides a couple of weeks ago. We’re now in full swing with Mushing School and Overnight Trips, and looking forward to sharing the dogs and winter wonderland with you. Maclaren Tour is full this year, but we have openings for the Historic Tolovana Roadhouse Tour- Dave is out at the Roadhouse right now, brushing out trails. Can’t wait to visit the place again. Went out in September by riverboat and spent an awesome 10 days cleaning and enjoying the solitude of the quiet wilderness.

The yearlings are adding a nice spice to the team…and have a lot of energy! What a great looking group of pups – Shayla, D-1, Wacker, Genie, Nyack, and Gannon. Today “Nyack” found out that deep snow is a lot more work to pull the sled thru. The piece of fish at the end of his run, made him forget how “tired” he was. Wacker took to the pulling thing like a pro. Shayla is still cute and a tazmanian devil to harness, but pulls like a banchee. D-1 is reserved, attentive, has a beautiful sleek body and smooth gait – eyeing her for leader position one of these days. Gannon is learning patience with the mainline that holds him back – full of grit. What fun!

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  • I can’t wait. Really looking forward to it.

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