Fall Training

Fall Training

Wet weather tends to send most people scurrying indoors for protection from inclement weather.  Mushers, however, are a different breed; when the weather turns nasty, we don our rain gear and mud boots, fire up the ATV and hook up a team of dogs.  For us, the rainy season signifies the beginning of our favorite time of year, and turns our thoughts towards snowy days and the swish of sled runners.  We don’t always love heading out when its 38 degrees and pouring down cats and dogs (mostly dogs), but we know that our Alaskan Huskies relish the cool weather, and are just as excited as we are to be starting a fresh season.  Hike, hike!


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  • We were at the Ididarod headquarters just outside of Wasilla and took a ride on the summer sled. Those dogs get so excited when they know they are going to run.

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